welcome to my site, homie. glad you could make it 

here you can find my latest YouTube videos, dope clothes + my signature tanning mousse!


"what's the difference between Born Dead Clothing and your merch here?"


born dead clothing is my boyfriend + I's full time clothing business inspired by the tattoo industry and our music scene. 


thrashhappy merch is both boutique items and thrashhappy merchandise designed by yours truly.


Almost every clothing/accessory item is made to order!

Each product fulfillment time varies: each products estimated fulfillment time is stated in the products description. 

You will receive confirmation of your order immediately at purchase, and you will receive a shipping conformation email once your order is completely fulfilled and shipped with tracking!

Please review your items estimated fulfillment time on the product page so that you are aware of the fulfillment time frame :) We do this and have you agree to these terms at checkout so that there are no surprises! Please expect possible delays in shipping + fulfillment time due to COVID // delivery could take up to two weeks.